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14.03.2010 I Am Alpha And Omega The War I Wage,
And The Demons Will Sleep,
The Stars Will Bleed Your Name
14.03.2010 The Fold Good Goodnight - FINAL24,
I Know You Well - FINAL24,
Little Girl - FINAL24,
Spark Match Crush - FINAL24 1
14.03.2010 Sleeping At Last Porcelain,
Careful Hands,
Birdcage Religion,
14.03.2010 Newsboys Born Again
24.02.2010 Derek Webb Opening Credits,
Black Eye,
Cobra Con,
Freddie, Please,
The Spirit vs. The Kick Drum,
What Matters More,
The State,
The Proverbial Gun,
I Love/Hate You,
Becoming A Slave,
What You Give Up To Get It,
American Flag Umbrella
24.02.2010 Sandra McCracken 980 Anne Steele,
Can't Help Myself,
Faith's Review
24.02.2010 Kurfürst Schrei vom Balkon,
Flügel der Morgenröte,
24.02.2010 Superchick Courage
08.12.2009 Ayiesha Woods Happy,
Jingle Bells,
Love Like This
08.12.2009 Stryper Alive
08.12.2009 Sandra McCracken This Is The Christ (Rough Mix)
08.12.2009 KJ 52 Off The Wall Mixtape
08.12.2009 MxPx Auld Lang Syne
08.12.2009 Jeremy Camp Speaking Louder Than Before
08.12.2009 Hillsong United No Reason To Hide
08.12.2009 Judy Bailey You Are Loved
23.11.2009 Seabird Don't You Know You're Beautiful
23.11.2009 Derek Webb What Matters More
23.11.2009 Paul Baloche Helpless (The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir featuring Paul Baloche)
23.11.2009 Lincoln Brewster Love The Lord Video